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Tailored Occasions was created from the idea that people should be able to pick and choose exactly what they need help with and to what extent. Technology has made it easy for people planning events to find everything they need with one click. However, while the do-it-yourself mindset might seem like the way to personalize your event, it can be extremely stressful. Tailored Occasions will take the stress and worry out of your big day while still allowing you to make it your very own.


Our Tailored Packaging


Our tailored packaging allows our clients to build their own list of specific needs.


For example, if the client wants Tailored Occasions to reach out to bakeries that offer gluten free options, get pricing and set up appointments, we would gladly take on the complete responsibility. However, if the client would like Tailored Occasions to just provide a list of bakeries that offer gluten free options for them to reach out on their own time, Tailored Occasions will happily do the research to provide the list for a significantly lower cost.


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